The Food Journey on Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 June

Do you love Food?

Do you Love Theatre?

Do you love Interactivity & Participation?

Well, your love the Food Journey

We have 12 FREE spaces for Lambethites to attend our Sunday performance as part of our 3rd year running of the

The first 12 to email will be allowed to attend our Sunday morning performance.

To grab your free place email us at

Only one attendee per email!  

What is the FJ?

The Food Journey is a multi-sensory, immersive experience that explores the history of common foods in a symbolic way, charting a journey from Africa to the Americas and then to Europe.

It explores the trauma, the complexity and the politics of that journey and the contradictions we all experience when considering the question: what is Food Justice.

Participants are blindfolded and treated to an array of effects on their senses which is moving and powerful

They then are able to reflect deeply on the impact this has had on them and how they can use it to activate their own agency and participate in their own lives and that of their communities to bring about a transformation in how we nourish ourselves, our environments and our communities, becoming able stewards for Mother Earth.

What participants can expect when they participate in it:

  • To be blindfolded for approximately an hour to taste a range of foodstuffs
  • To experience a range of smells and touch relevant to the Journey
  • To be immersed in a soundtrack/scape which defines the Journey
  • To hear a narrative that defines the journey
  • To have their ideas around food transformed!

The entirety will take two hours, one hour’s immersion, and one hour’s reflection and lively discussion.

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