Design a sustainable future for yourself, your family and your community

Design a sustainable life for you, your family or your community with Father Nature’s Urban Permaculture Design Course in Myatt’s Fields Park.

This is a 12 day PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) course held over 6 weekends although you are welcome to dip in on a casual basis for the odd weekend if some permaculture knowhow is what you’re after rather than the PDC qualification.
Hosted by Father Nature, the course will be led by fully qualified permaculture teacher Joshua Gomez of Eco solutions( with special guest teacher Graham Bell ( The focus will be on sustainable solutions to urban living.
On the course you will have the opportunity to design for yourself, your family or your community a greener, ecologically and economically abundant future. Subjects covered include:

  • urban natural growing and sustainable living solutions
  • accessing local resources for your projects
  • biotech solutions for everyday life
  • growing food to eat or sell
  • edible forest gardening
  • tree grafting or plant care knowledge
  • composting and aquaponics
  • minimising waste and maximising output
  • how to run a sustainable business or community project.

When: Saturdays and Sundays every weekend from Saturday 27th April to Sunday 2nd June 2019 from 9am-4.30pm.
Qualification: On completion of the full course you will be awarded an internationally recognised permaculture design certificate, approved by the UK Permaculture Association. (

Course content: The full course involves twelve teaching days plus added optional ‘practical days’ during week days. These ‘practical day’ are for if you want to come along and get your hands dirty as we learn through the practical effort of establishing community demonstration gardens. To find about the course modules in detail see here(

How to book: To confirm your interest in taking part in the course, please fill in the online form here
( Joshua from Eco Solutions will then be in contact via email to discuss your booking, including the number of course days you wish to attend and payment.

Cost of the Course:

  • The price for the full 12 day course varies from £900 (Full cost) to as little as £200 (Full Concession) depending on your income.
  • The cost of a single weekend is £160 (Full cost) to £50 (Full Concession), and a single day is £80 (Full cost) to £30 (Full Concession).
  • To find out more about course fees and concessions please contact

* Don’t worry if you can’t afford to pay at all for the course itself, please don’t let that stop your learning. You are welcome to volunteer at one of the course’s mid week ‘dig-ins’ where you can learn about urban permaculture the practical way.