Farm Give Away!

Work on the construction of LJWorks is scheduled to start at the end of August so we are clearing the site

If you are interested come to the Farm between 1- 2pm on Saturdays or Tuesdays 29 July – 19 August inclusive. 

There are lots of random pieces of scrap wood and ply, miscellaneous items including an old bath.  Top soil – a fairly good mix of clay and sand, but needs organic matter adding to it. It is likely to have edible and weed seeds in it so not good for lawns!

Please bring your own bags/means of transporting anything you pick up.

Items that might be available in future weeks include garden sheds, benches, more wood and soil, plastic guttering, living willow structure, ornamental plants, cherry trees, wooden stage.  If you want to view them whilst at the Farm, please ask. These are not available yet and may go to other growing sites.