Get involved in Notting Hill Carnival this year with local carnival company

Ever wanted to take part in or learn about Notting Hill Carnival? Or just get involved with making carnival costume? This is your chance – come along and get involved now.

The award winning carnival company S.i.A Sunshine International Arts – C.A.F.E, based right here in Loughborough Junction, is offering everyone the chance to get involved in Carnival this year.

Children’s day Sunday 24 August 2014

The S.i.A family band will take to the streets – a journey to the future…….HOPE…….

Adults Day Monday 25 August 2014


Mas Camp opens on the 16 July 2014 with a costume making workshop (times and dates TBC).

For more information on taking part contact Ray : 07881 571734

…….The Sailor Mas…..

Learn some history….

This character was introduced during the 1880s when American, French and English naval ships came to Trinidad. Today it is one of the most dominant Carnival characters in Carnival and it has been modified into many different styles.