Cambria Bridge Project

‘The Cambrian Explosion’ project takes its inspiration from the name of Cambria Road and has been transformed by a creation of a collection of ‘fossils’ created by 32 local artists.

The Cambrian Explosion is an era in pre-history when there was an explosion of life forms.

Cambria Bridge Long View


Cambria Bridge Art Work


Cambria Movement Bridge

‘The Emerging Eye’ (bottom right of the picture set out below) features an iris as though viewed through a macro lens in order to examine the individual cells that make it up.  This represents the eye as the pinnacle of creation according to Charles Darwin.  The pupil of the iris acts as the focal point for all of the augmented reality app stories of the Loughborough Junction WW1 app and it represents the self awareness of evolved human life.

Cambria Bridge


Cambria Bridge night

The Cambria Bridge is the result of a great community effort as commemorated in the steel art work below.

Cambrian Explosion