LJ WW1 App events

LJ WW1 app launch, March 2015 at the Sunshine International Arts Festival Cafe

This was a joyous affair which celebrated the launch of the free augmented reality app which brings a story to the streets of Loughborough Junction.  Food was served by the lovely Ray and a small cinema where folks could watch historical footage of Loughborough Junction.  Walter and his team were onsite to get people up and running on the app and a number of people walked round Loughborough Junction enjoying one or more of the stories.

WW app Walter

Reminiscence event, June 2014, at the Sunshine International Arts Festival Cafe

A reminiscence event was held, a day after the centenary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.  Local people shared their real life war-time stories about their parents, friends and relatives.  To hear some of these stories check out the LJWW1 website.

A video was made of the day recording the event.