10 Android Tablets for Local Residents



As an online centre, Upper Norwood Library Hub and ClearCommunityWeb have been granted 10 tablets (and data) to donate to local residents who are currently isolated and keep to participate in a learning program.

This is part of a program called DevicesDotNow, alongside the Good Things Foundation

These will be distributed to 10 residents who fit the following criteria;

  • Either self-isolated or classified as ‘vulnerable’
  • Have no internet access or means to acquire it
  • Over 70 or on low-income
  • Limited local social support

Each resident will participate in a short learning program designed to help them become more independent using things like video calls and searching for information.

They will receive some one-to-one support to orientate themselves and be signup up to a self-learning program (LearnMyWay).

They will be supported to either watch or participate in the Crystal Palace Festival Online and agree to be interviewed about the experience, what they have learned and as part of the Audio time capsule project All Alone Together.

The device will be theirs to keep, but will be encouraged to participate in classes at the library either online and when the library reopens with a tablet oriented digital inclusion class.

We will be working in close partnership with Kingswood Community Shop to facilitate this.

We have already identified a few people but have a few places left so would like to encourage people to put their thinking caps on to see if there is anyone in their vicinity who would be eligible, and if so to contact me directly as we only have this week to get ‘bums on seats’!

Secondly, we are also looking for a couple of volunteers to become ‘buddies’ to these residents perhaps help distribute the devices, help someone to one support, on the phone or doorstep and help them practice video calling.

My contact details are Caspar Kennerdale, email caspar@clearcommunityweb.co.uk or phone 07523 646 277.