The Platform Cafe

The Platform Cafe

The Platform Café is a community space in the heart of Loughborough Junction, providing healthy, nutritious food and a welcome space to feel at home.

The cafe was founded in 2015 as an off-shoot of Loughborough Farm. Each day the cafe prepares homemade lunches using freshly picked seasonal produce grown at Loughborough Farm, as well as surplus donations.

Along with offering delicious, healthy and homemade food, all income they generate is reinvested in social impact work, including community events, outreach, workshops, volunteer programmes, training and work placement opportunities for local young people experiencing barriers to employment, and emergency food provisions for those in need.

The café building used to be a derelict, public toilet in Wyck Gardens, a small Lambeth park. We are proud to have activated this disused space, turning it into a valuable community asset.

Opening times: Tuesday-Saturday 9am-3pm.

Find out more on the cafe’s website or follow them on Instagram.