Grove Adventure Playground

When Grove Adventure Playground was threatened with closure in 2017, LJAG stepped in to save it as
we believed there was a local need for supervised adventure play in Loughborough Junction.
The playground in Gordon Grove has some of the most adventurous climbing structures in London.
Over 400 children and young people, most of whom live very locally, are registered to use the playground
with our popular holiday playschemes regularly attended by as many as 60 children a day.
Grove has developed a range of year around midweek after-school special needs and integrated play
sessions, which have become increasingly popular and provides opportunities for many more children
and their parents to access our services.
The playground is open access for children and young people between the ages of six and 14, and
anyone who wants to stay beyond their 15th birthday is encouraged to sign on as a young volunteer.
The children and young people tell us that what they love most about the playground is playing on our
structures, being with their friends, getting involved in activities and going on playground excursions.
The playground has also developed a number of exciting projects and clubs that the children are fully
involved in, including:
● The Cooking Club – which involves the children and young people helping to plan, prepare, cook
and serve the hot meal which is provided every day the playground is open.
● The Business Club – where children and young people help raise money for the playground
through the development and production of Grove merchandise, including mugs, postcards and
tshirts, which are often sold through our playground shop or at local events.
● The Running Club – which invites children to join a regular and supervised 5k fun run through the
local parks.
● Keeping it Wild – involving regular sessions working on nature and wildlife projects at the
playground, our allotment and in our local park.
● The Chess Club – where children are invited to learn how to play chess and develop their tactical
● The “Right to Read” Library and book exchange – located to the street side of the playground and
open to the public 24 hours a day, has become a firm favourite for locals.
● The Basketball Club – A regular weekly coached basketball session in partnership with the
Marcus Lipton Youth Club next door.
The playground is a member of the Building Young Brixton consortium of Brixton-based youth services
which include our neighbours Marcus Lipton, Ebony Horse Club, High Trees, Baytree Centre, Spiral,
IMRO, and Advocacy Academy.
Grove is part funded by: BBC Children in Need; London & Quadrant; Lambeth CLIPs and Early
Intervention and Prevention Programme (EIPS); The London Mayor; along with many large and small
donations from local and national Trusts and Foundations.
Lambeth Council have recently renewed the lease for the site, meaning adventure play in Loughborough
Junction is safe until 2031, but great efforts to make this a permanent lease will continue due to the
importance of this service to the community.
For further information, the playground has its own website, and to
contact the playground, please email or call 07753 447401