Help create a new public artwork for Camberwell 

Vote for your favourite Camberwell Adinkras
Help create a new public artwork for Camberwell 

Which Adinkra captures Camberwell? Join the online poll to be part of the public art being commissioned for Denmark Hill from Godfried Donkor:

Artist Godfried Donkor has been commissioned to create a permanent public sculpture for Denmark Hill, opening as part of the new station entrance in April 2021. His work aims to give a new twist to the traditional adinkra symbolism of Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Discover more about this unique visual language and vote for your favourite symbols here.

Please also vote for the adinkra you think is most representative of Camberwell – as well as one that says most about the area’s long-standing history of innovation in health and well-being.

You can vote for 3 out of the 20 Adinkras in total.
See the rest of these fascinating symbols and vote here

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Here are some of the Adinkras you can vote for: