Lambeth’s Covid Response transport plans.


“Lambeth council is planning big changes to roads in our area. From next week Shakespeare Road between Coldharbour Lane and Mayall Road will be access-only and will no longer be a through route to Railton Road and Dulwich Road as part of the council’s plan for the Railton Low Traffic Neighbourhood. Plans are also being prepared for changes along Loughborough Road; these are being consulted on between 15-29 June; with implementation between 6-13 July; with monitoring between 20-27 July. See the covid plans at and there is an inter-active map and we encourage you to put on your comments on this easy-to-use website”

Lambeth council continues to consult on its covid response transport plans.  The plans are here and the inter-active map is here.  Please use this easy to use map to tell the council what changes to how we can safely walk and cycle round our neighbourhood.