Launching! Emotional Emancipation Circle Coldharbour



In May of last year after the death of George Floyd and the global growth of the Black Lives Matter movement, we began speaking as a community around the constant exposure Black people have to racialised violence and the impact of racialised trauma.

There was a unanimous agreement that there needed for spaces to be created for members of the Black communities in Lambeth, for the purpose of healing and restoration. After 16 months of planning and development, I am so very proud to inform you all that Black Thrive Lambeth, The UK Association of Black Psychologists and The Community Healing Network, in partnership with Marcus Lipton Community Enterprise, Lambeth Early Years Partnership, Loughborough Community Centre & Max Roach and the Coldharbour Community Early Help team, are launching the first pilot series of Emotional Emancipation Circles, in the Coldharbour ward.

What are Emotional Emancipation Circles:

Emotional Emancipation Circles are self-help groups focused on emotional emancipation, healing, and wellness for Black people from racial injustices. Originated by Community Healing Network, Inc., (CHN), EECs are the product of a collaboration between CHN and the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi), and part of the larger global grassroots movement of psychologically informed self-help support groups that address the impact of historical and ongoing institutional and everyday racism, help participants to learn emotional wellness skills and heal through the celebration of the Black experience whilst building a supportive community and network.

When & Where: Please see flyers above, also

  • Monday 25th October 2021, 6-8pm, at Marcus Lipton. These session will be face to face. Refreshments and crèche facilities will be provided.
  • Friday 29th October 2021- 6-8pm, ONLINE.
  • Monday 1st November 2021- 10am-12pm, at Max Roach Children Centre. These sessions will be face to face. Refreshments and crèche facilities will be provided

Cost: Free on access

Contact- Please contact Black Thrive or Coldharbour Early Help