Loughborough Farm Community Cafe

A community cafe and shop celebrating the diverse food cultures of Loughborough Junction. Local volunteers help in the preparation and serving of homemade lunches with freshly harvested salads and veg. Seasonal and surplus food is used to make jams, pickles and cordials as well as herbal teas.

We regularly invite local guest chefs to cook on Fridays so that we can enjoy authentic cooking from around the world. There are indoor and outdoor plants for sale, both edible and flowering, and we sell a range of hand thrown ceramics made by local potters. Free wi-fi, great atmosphere and a hub for local workers and artists. The space is also used to host a wide range of workshops, film nights, Jam sessions and supper clubs.

 Opening Times at The Platform Cafe 

Monday        Brixton £  Surplus Canteen 12.30 -6pm

Tuesday        Brixton £  Surplus Canteen 12.30 -6pm

Wednesday   Farm Cafe  8.30am  -10.30am Breakfast
12.30pm -3pm Lunch

Thursday       Farm Cafe  8.30am  -10.30am Breakfast
12.30pm -3pm Lunch

Friday            Farm Cafe  8.30am  -10.30am Breakfast
12.30pm -3pm Lunch

Saturday        Farm Cafe 10am-3pm Brunch

All the latest news, events and daily menus are posted on the Farm’s Instagram @loughboroughfarm