Suicide Prevention Training, Wednesday 25 May 1 – 4:30pm

Specially designed free bespoke online suicide prevention training for all residents and employees in the London Borough of Lambeth.

About this event

Lambeth Suicide Prevention Training

This half day course has been designed with Lambeth in mind, to provide you with the skills and confidence to have conversations about suicide.

Suicide can be difficult to talk about, but it is essential that we all learn how to break the taboo and have conversations about it. This is how we can help save lives.

One in five people think about suicide at some point in their life. You’re more likely to meet someone that’s thinking about suicide than someone having a heart attack, so it’s vital that we know what to do. Only when people feel like they can talk about how they feel, can they start thinking about how to keep themselves safe.

This course will explore why people think about taking their own lives and provide a toolkit to guide you through a conversation with someone that is thinking about suicide. We will also think about the impact on you when you have these conversations, and how to look after yourself.

Your trainers, Nell Blane and Joy Goddard are highly experienced mental health and suicide prevention trainers who make their courses safe for anyone to attend. However, if you have been recently bereaved by suicide, or are currently having thoughts of suicide, you may want to attend at a different time, as this is a training course rather than a therapeutic space.

If you are currently in need of support, please visit our Get Help page.

The course is delivered online via Zoom. Lambeth Suicide Prevention Training

If you are outside Lambeth and interested in our courses please contact us at