Summer Health and Wellbeing Events from the Loughborough Farm

It’s been a tough time.  The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all but some are suffering more than others. Some have lost loved ones; some are on furlough waiting to see if they still have a job; some have not left the house for months; while others are uncertain about what they can and can’t do.
The Loughborough Farm has planned a series of wellbeing events that will run over the summer either delivered on-line or  in small groups outdoors in our parks.

Saturday 8 August 11am to 12pm
Ldn Dares Drama Company is hosting a webinar on body positivity.
Give yourself a confidence boost with this lively workshop designed to counter the pernicious notion that everyone can, or even wants to have, a Love Island body. Click here to register for the webinar on Zoom and cheer yourself up.