Sunshine International Arts – August 2020

What we have planned for August 2020

This year we have had to re-consider if, and how, we invite you to join our annual family-friendly Mas Camp workshops. We have concluded that the main reason we involve people in our carnival building is to reinforce a strong community spirit, to teach new skills and to keep the history of carnival alive.

That’s why we have decided to run an online programme on the Culture and History of Carnival throughout August. These educational downloads will incorporate all of the elements mentioned above.


One of the major annual project S.i.A delivers is our summer Mas Camp at ‘C.A.F.E.’ (Carnival Arts for Everyone) a melting pot of creative flair in a multitude of artistic crafts: feather flowing; wire bending; headdress building; costume decoration and most of all community. Under the guise and enthusiasm of Trinidadian designer Ray Mahabir, you will gain a variety of skills in carnival arts and learn the truest form and history of traditional carnival Mas Bands. In a highly differing communal setting, Mas Camp offers a brilliant schedule of carnival arts that will not only be heart warming and enjoyable, but also artistically challenging.

Click here for their calendar of online events