Tips for tired parents

Tips for tired parents

Has your home life turned into an emotional rollercoaster during the pandemic? You’re not alone.

We have all been in each others’ pockets for a long time. We might want to scream, give up, blame the kids or just run away for a while.

It’s totally understandable. After listening to local parents, we’ve invited communications expert, Ceri Buckmaster, to run four Zoom sessions for parents with children under 4 years.

The sessions will run from 10.30am – 11.15am every Thursday for 4 weeks – starting on Thursday 18 March.

Book a place using the form on this page. You’ll hear some surprising tips, but more importantly you’ll get to let off steam with other parents. You deserve some ‘me’ time.

Each session will focus on one useful solution. You will all be able to compare the challenges you are facing – understanding and supporting each other.

There are 4 sessions – you can attend as many as you like:

  1. The value in naming feelings to de-escalate tense situation. Thursday 18 March.
  2. The power of understanding what’s important to us and our children. Thursday 25 March.
  3. Saying no with care. Thursday 1 April.
  4. Holding our children (and ourselves) in meltdown.​ Thursday 8 April.

To book your place on this friendly session, click here