Local Job Opportunity: Marcus Lipton Centre Service Delivery Manager


Marcus Lipton Centre Service Delivery Manager

 Location: Marcus Lipton Community Centre, Minet Road, Brixton, SW9 7UH

 Salary: £36,000 – £40,000 per annum (full time)

 Contract: Initial 12 month fixed term contract


ML Community Enterprise aims to become a beacon of hope and success in the Loughborough Junction area and to offer young people and the surrounding community a broad range of holistic services with the intention of improving their life chances through learning opportunities and through health and wellbeing activities.

Housed in the Marcus Lipton Community Centre building, we are working through various programs to help make Loughborough Junction a joyful place to live. As well as providing recreation and counselling services, we also wish to accomplish positive social outcomes for local people.

Today, our Managing Director is also the Centre Manager. He is moving into a strategic role running MLCE with a view to providing a broader range of services across multiple locations. To support this aim, a new Service Delivery Manager role with responsibility for the Marcus Lipton Centre has been created.

At its heart, this new role is responsible for the efficient and successful coordination of the centre’s services, operations and building. The role has first line staff management responsibilities for youth workers, counsellors, community engagement, various volunteers and several third party services.

Reporting into the Managing Director of MLCE, the successful applicant will have the desire to be part of a team continuing the turnaround of a crucial part of a local community. The Marcus Lipton Centre is well equipped with a football pitch, counselling rooms, and a recording studio, amongst other resources. One of the major responsibilities of this role will be to maximise the income potential of the centre.

The ideal candidate will have significant experience in managing a team and getting the best out of finite resources. They will be creative in their approach to problem solving, be able to bring a best practice national view to local challenges, and have the ability to appropriately challenge and influence individuals towards a more positive and fulfilling career perspective.

To apply for this exciting new opportunity, please send a CV and covering statement detailing how you meet the essential requirements of the rolto: recruitment@mcle.org.uk by 5pm Friday 30th TH November  2018.





Job Title:               Service Manager

Grade:                   Qualified Youth Support Worker JNC 23 to 26

Function:               Youth Support Service (Community Youth Service)

Reporting to:          Managing Director

Responsible for:     FT & PT workers

Jobholder:             New Role


Main Purpose:

  • To run the Marcus Lipton Centre, managing the resources, services, and environment, to the plans and guidelines set by the Managing Director and Board of Directors
  • To take a leadership role in the rollout of the MLCE 2018 Business Plan, transitioning the Marcus Lipton Centre into being a Community Centre at the heart of Coldharbour Ward
  • To deliver high quality services to young people and their communities aimed at creating and supporting positive social education interventions in the lives of young people.
  • To manage the six FT and PT staff already employed by MLCE, delivering performance excellence and targeted outcomes.
  • To support intervention based approaches to working with young people, including, task centred approaches, motivational interviewing and assessment based approaches to heath support
  • To work effectively to meet the national standards and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets for youth support work. The post holder will be required to work in other parts of the organisation as and when required including voluntary sector organisations.
  • To ensure that all work with young people take place within clear professional boundaries. The support of young people in need is a clear purpose for this post. The participation of young people in citizenship activities is also an important feature of this post.

A.      Principal Accountabilities.

  • To provide opportunities for the social education and personal development of young people, This is to be achieved through use of the Youth Service Curriculum and should incorporate National Targets. The worker is required to develop and deliver a youth work programme responding to the needs of local young people in Coldharbour Ward. The post holder will deliver centre based, project and detached youth work opportunities.
  • To manage the resources of the Centre to deliver the Organisation’s business plan. This means accountability for a team delivering and managing objectives, outcomes, appraisals, and all other tasks associated with team leadership.
  • To offer a quality service to young people and contribute to the Youth Support Service aims of helping young people to develop their potential to grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society, through informal education.
  • To make referrals to support services such as Connexions, CAMHS, Housing and Health.
  • To support the development of work within a diversity agenda that includes girls and young, disability, sexuality and race (faith, culture).
  • To support the development of work within a broader customer base that includes different age groups.
  • To be responsible for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.




  1. Operational Accountabilities
  • To manage the FT and PT youth workers employed by MLCE.
  • To case manage Targeted Support / YISP / TAC referrals and work with young people in universal provision.
  • To ensure the accurate recording of work, interventions and outcomes with young people.
  • To spend 50% of time on face-to-face work with young people, subject to local priorities and funding.
  • To work with young people, youth workers, and partner agencies to develop appropriate and workable methods and structures for the effective reengagement of young people.
  • To work within the Hear By Right standards with staff and partner agencies to ensure that young people are fully represented and play an active part in the decision making process in determining provision.
  • To work with the staff team to design and deliver a curriculum based programmes aimed at young people.
  • To make clear assessments in areas such as health, housing and social circumstances and act as the lead practitioner when required.
  • To develop and implement programmes/interventions based on principles of effective practice for all children and young people and their families in contact with the YSS.
  • To manage a caseload and ensure that information systems are maintained in order that national and other standards can be effectively assessed.
  • To prepare reports for the Managing Director and other agencies as requested.
  • To make appropriate assessments and work within the Common Assessment Framework (CAF).
  • To provide through care support for vulnerable young people and their communities in line with national and other relevant standards.
  • To contribute in a partnership with others to improvements within the Youth Justice System to reduce and prevent youth offending and anti-social behaviour.
  • To attend and participate in all key Youth Support Service events as required.
  • To fully participate in the Organisation’s appraisal and supervision processes and to manage any staff in line with LBL HR policies.
  • To work with and assist the MLCE Volunteer Group as required.
  • To support young people in a wide range of health interventions.
  • To understand and deliver detached work on estates and places where young people associate as required.
  • To provide support and assistance to the Youth Council and Youth Opportunity Fund.
  • To work within defined expenditure and abide by all financial polices
  • To ensure that all work takes place within the Safeguarding policies and Risk of Harm Procedures of MLCE.
  • To provide evidence of work with young people for performance management and service delivery targets, and manage other people’s evidence and progress.
  • Embrace change and support innovative ways of working, with a focus on continuous improvement for the service and effective performance management and development of staff
  • To provide training on aspects of work with young people.
  • To understand the training needs of staff working with young people in a diverse team
  • Benchmark, monitor and evaluate programmes of work, analysing results and making recommendations for improvement and developments, based on professional expertise
  • To observe all health and safety rules and guidance and to take all reasonable care to promote the health and safety at work of yourself and your fellow employees.
  • To carry out the responsibilities of the post at all times with due regard to equal opportunities, the Data Protection Act and the maintenance of confidentiality and service user choice.
  • To take responsibility, appropriate to the post for tacking racism and promoting good race, ethnic and community relations.
  • To undertake additional duties as required appropriate to the level of the post.
  1. Development Accountabilities
  • Through personal example, open commitment and clear action, ensure diversity is positively valued, resulting in equal access and treatment in employment, service delivery and external communications.
  • Actively pursue own personal development and take full advantage of training provided to reach the ECM workforce development targets.
    • To provide appropriate group work and one to one programmes for parents, children and young people.
    • To develop links with local community providers of youth services to enable a range of interventions to be made accessible to young people and their communities.
    • To provide training and support to part time staff and partners
  • To undertake a variety of personal training and professional development.
  • The Post Holder will be party to confidential information and will be subject to the Local Authorities information policies as well as the data protection act and Freedom of Information Act (where relevant).