Project Dare’s Complimentary Be Body Confident Workshop

The Project DARE! Be Body Confident’s
2 Hour Complimentary Workshop

In just 2 hours the Project DARE! taster will have you looking, acting and feeling more confident and self-assured. You can expect:

1. Relaxed drama activities that are accessible for all

2. Focus is on building body confidence, nurturing self-compassion & beginning to tap into some body image basics

3. Come away having learnt a minimum of 3 practical and accessible tools for confidence/ body confidence

And best of all???

These sessions are completely 

Yes! This taster session is a 2 hour free-of-charge workshop which showcases the course. The workshop is empowering and inspiring in its own right, but it’s also the ideal opportunity to experience being part of the program if you are considering booking onto the full DARE! Sessions. (Details will be available at the end of your session, should you wish)

We have limited places on these sessions due to room restrictions however all costs are funded for every participant who books, including health and social care workers, carers, your family members or your friends are ALL welcome!***

All you have to do to book is follow the link, scroll down to pick a date via Eventbrite and we shall look forward to meeting you soon…

***(NB// These are adult only events from age 16 years +. If you are specifically interested in our work with young people, please request further information)

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