The remaining 6 bridges

At the Junction of Coldharbour Lane and Loughborough Road six railway bridges can be seen.  These six bridges define the area and are at the very heart of the project.

LJ Panorama of 6 bridges

The idea for the remaining 6 bridges which can be seen from one point at Loughborough Junction is to associate different continents to different railway bridges.  Logistically completing these bridges will be difficult as they are located on busy roads.  As well as the complication of dealing with Network Rail, the 7 bridges team will also need to deal with passing traffic, road closures, scaffolding and health and safety concerns. If you have any skills or experience which would facilitate this project through to completion please contact [email protected].

Station Bridge

1 Station Bridge

Flaxman Road

Flaxman Road

Shakespeare Road


Loughborough Road

Loughborough Road

Hinton – 2 Bridges, one road

Hinton 2 bridges