Loughborough Junction Plan


In 2012/13, LJAG and Lambeth co-produced the Loughborough Junction plan working with local architects DSHDA and a steering group of local residents organised by LJAG.

The plan focused on how Loughborough Junction can be improved and regenerated:

where Lambeth could spend money on things like new public spaces;

improving the environment for walking and cycling;

planting trees; and

managing traffic and rubbish.

Local residents were invited to attend a number of consultation workshops to contribute to a better Loughborough Junction.

The product of these efforts can be seen in one of our posts from 2013 when the Loughborough Plan was completed.  This plan has provided a basis for the Loughborough Junction Masterplan.

Download a simple map of the Plan (PDF, 2.1MB)

If you would like to see a copy of the Plan please download it via Dropbox or email [email protected].  If you would like to see a video about the Loughborough Plan check out this post.